Panchakarma Treatment


Elimination of doshas from upward direction Kapha, skin disease, chronic rhinities psychological disorders PCOD/ PCOS


Elimination of doshas from downward direction Febeule illness, skin diseases, hyperacidity, thyroid scoelling, excessive menses.


Medicated enema, constipation, Neurological diseases Backache, Tremors, convulsions, PCOD, Body pain


Headache, stiffners of head, Hair fall, diseases of Nose, greying of hair rhinitis, sinusitis


All bleeding disorders, skin diseases., Menorahagia.


Improves blood circulation, promotes strength, delays ageing

Patra Pottali Sweda

Ueseful in pain, swelling, arthritis, muscle sprain

Bashpa Sweda

Improves flexibility, remove toxins increases digestion & metabolism, relieves stiffness of joints quick relief from pain

Kati Basti

Lumbar spondylosis, disc prolapse, lower back pain, luwbo sacral strain

Janu Basti

Osteo arthritis, trauma, ligament injury.

Greeva Basti

Neck pain, cervical pain


Anxiety, hypertension psychological illness, insomnia


Mental stress, hypertension, insomnia, headache, Anxiety, psychological illness.

Netra Tarpan

Dinunished vision, dryness of eyes, painful eyes, conjunctivitis

Karna Pooran

relief in eay ache. “pecevents deathless, stiffness of mandible


Reduces excess fat promotes excellence of skin, eliminates bad body odor, cures itching sensation

Uttar Basti

Infertility, painful urination Obstruction to the flow of urine, urethral structure


knee joint pain. Backpain, sciatica, Tendonitis.

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